From the idea to the final product

We build websites, applications and tools for the music industry.


High quality tools

We build tools and apps to help the music industry in its day to day work. Check out our projects below.

On-demand development

Do you have a project, but no technical knowledge to build it? Let us know, we would love to help you!

Data analysis

Big data is so important in today's industry that it is now a key asset for your business.


Spot On Track

The ultimate tool to track all your Spotify related data: charts, playlists, followers, ... Follow your artists or tracks and build your own reports to always be up-to-date about your latest stats. Already used by the majors and many labels.

Building a "Best Of" playlist for an artist or a label is a must do in order to get more streams on the streaming platforms. is there to remove this time-consuming task from your todo list, by computing these best ofs automatically based on your own settings.

BP Top Tracker

Since 2013 BP Top Tracker records the Beatport tops, helping many dance labels and artists to track their positions on a day to day basis. Many exclusive stats are also computed and displayed for each artist, label or track.

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